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COFFEE B : Black Globe

Black Globe

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A Revolutionary Machine

The brewing technology of CoffeeB, which is free from capsules, is a revolutionary way to enjoy single-serve coffee. The technology is patented for its ability to extract intense flavors and create perfect foam.

The machine is also certified A+ for energy-saving mode, operates quietly, and has features such as a descaling program and residual water control to prevent overfilling of the tank.

Compact, silent, and patented machine :

  • Fast preheating
  • 19 bars of pressure
  • 2 cup lengths
  • Large water tank (1.5L)
  • ~40 % recycled material
  • Coffee Ball Distributor

The coffee machine operates almost silently, making it possible to serve coffee without disrupting meetings or disturbing colleagues.

With a record preheating time it is ready to serve your cup of coffee in 15s.

Clean design, Ergonomic, and Compact
The machine's design is visually striking and catches the eye. It is effortless to operate and maintain, making it hassle-free to clean. Its compact size allows it to seamlessly fit into various workplace settings, such as reception areas, meeting rooms, kitchens, and offices.

General Characteristics 
Weight: 3.7Kg
Dimensions: 37.3cm x 15.0cm x 30.9cm
Water tank: 1.5L
Used capsule tank

Characteristics of the coffee preparation
Pre-heating time: 15 seconds
Pre-infusion and infusion time: 25 seconds
Water pressure and temperature: 19bar, 80-90 degrees Celsius
Noise: 57 decibels

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