Cafe Royal Pro - ESPRESSO BIO - 100% Arabica organic coffee - biodegradable capsules

Café Royal Pro 16 Caps

Espresso Bio (Organic & Biodegradable)


Applicable VAT: 5.5 %

Our Cafe Royal Pro ESPRESSO BIO is a 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta organic coffee with biodegradable capsules.
A powerful espresso with a light fruity and fresh acidity. The aroma-protected capsule consists only of renewable resources and is compostable

Only fine Fairtrade and organic certified Arabica beans from Central and South America are used for this noble and harmonious blend. The light body is rounded off by fruity aromas and pleasant acids.

The dark roast gives this coffee intense notes of cereal, cocoa and dark chocolate. Combined with the fine grind unfolds a strong coffee that tastes particularly good in the small cup.

Our Espresso Bio is a powerful espresso with a light fruity and fresh acidity. A pleasantly fine spice completes a light sweet-wood note completes the coffee.

CU net weight in g 96
Expiry date 18 mois
Origin South &Central America / Africa
Blend 70% Arabica / 30% Robusta
Capsule color Red
Capsule material biodegradable capsules
Intensity 7
Certification Fairtrade
Number of coffee cups per CU 16

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